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Non-surgical hair replacement

Get your hairline restored with latest hair replacement approach:
Receding hairline and thinning hair are the major hair problems which affect almost everyone and often lead to life-long hair conditions and issues.

To reduce your stress about hair loss and mitigate your fear of surgical processes we can provide you with one of the most sophisticated non-surgical hair replacement procedure.
This not only brings back the lost volume, but it also gives your hair a natural appearance. The hair replacement system is suitable for both men and women and is the most preferred option by people who have suffered from advanced stages of hair loss.

What do we offer?
Whether hair loss is your genetic problem or result of chemotherapies, we make sure to cover all the balding areas of scalp and give your hair a fuller look. These natural-looking hair replacements are untraceable as we ensure secure and thorough integration. The best part about hair replacement treatment is that the integrated hair looks like growing straight out of your scalp, which gives your hairline a realistic look.

Our promise:

Restoring your confidence and enhancing your appearance, here’s how our experts benefit you with latest methods and techniques:

  • Immediate and promising outcomes
  • 100% Non-invasive procedure
  • Zero side effects
  • Low maintenance
  • Zero impact on lifestyle

The procedure can be multi-staged, depending on the preferences of the client.

The client can schedule the timing and days of the procedure; it gives the impression of gradual and natural regrowth of hair. With continuous research and study in this field, we are innovating our methods and approaches to benefit the clients with high-quality hair integrations.

Hair loss in general is of course a sensitive issue but even more-so when the hair loss is health related.  We feel deeply for anybody who's been affected by cancer or the effects of chemotherapy and we do our utmost to help those people with hair regrowth therapies and also with hairpieces and wigs.

Our hairpiece and wig suppliers create very natural looking results.  Having tried a number companies over the years, we're very pleased with the quality that we provide our clients with.  Hair loss from cancer or as a result of chemotherapy can be devastating but it's wonderful to help somebody feel better about themselves and leave the clinic looking great.

For a confidential video call or an in-person appointment, please get in touch and we'll do our very best for you.