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Hair Transplant Procedures

At Millennium Hair Loss Clinics, we provide every type of treatment in the field for hair restoration and hair re-growth.

Hair Transplant has been in existence now for over thirty years and has really progressed in leaps and bounds over the past ten years. Our highly trained medical team have worked together for over fifteen years and have carried out over 25,000 procedures. We carry out exclusively the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method of hair transplant, with truly wonderful results.

FUE is the individual extraction of hair follicles using a state of the art, motorised follicle extraction device. We use tiny extraction punches, which allow for excellent healing in the donor area where the hairs are taken from. Follicles are placed back into the thinning zones at the correct angle, depth and direction, mimicking your own natural hair growth.

The evolution and development of these tools really are pivotal in allowing us to deliver the very best, most natural results. With thousands of client testimonials, we pride ourselves on creating the very best for our clients, day after day.

Quality Standards
Keeping to a tight Protocol, Process and High Quality Control Standards ensure that we both take care of our clients far beyond their expectations and also deliver them optimum results each and every time.

We work with our medical team delivering the highest quality in Hair Restoration Minimally Invasive Procedures for over fifteen years and clients travel from all over Europe to our Specialist Hair Transplant Clinic due to our great reputation.

In general, within 7-9 days most marks following the procedure will have healed and will no longer show.

We provide a Written Guarantee to all clients.

At least 90% of the hair follicles should be through within eight months’ time.

Is it for Men and Women?
Yes, both men and women can undergo this procedure. A full consultation will be required to assess your case and expectations.

Is Ongoing Medication Required?
The hair transplant will grow through and the follicles do not require long term medication to help that growth. Should you be at a stage of your hair loss where you're still experiencing hair loss in other areas, you may be suitable for a non-surgical procedure or treatment to go alongside hair transplant.

Do I need to come back for more treatment?
Depending on at what stage you opted to begin FUE hair transplant, you may require further procedures in due course. A proper consultation with our specialists will allow you to understand fully your requirements before making any decision to move forward. Information is key.