Hair transplant is one of the most popular hair loss procedures worldwide because of the advancements of FUE technique (Follicular Unit Extraction).

This allows the hair transplant surgeon to safely take hairs from the back part of the head and to implant them in the areas where baldness has occurred.

One can have a procedure like this only after consulting a Trichologist to make sure that FUE surgery will bring the results they expect.


Our hair restoration specialists will recommend hair transplant for people that have their hair loss condition stable and that have a particular bald area where hair can actually be implanted.




If you still shed a lot of hairs and there is hair thinning on a large area, FUE hair transplant surgery may not be the right choice and the Trichologist may recommend something else instead or to wait and monitor the pattern of your hair thinning.

Be rest assured that at Millennium hair restoration clinics you will be guided towards the best possible option to restore your hair and you will receive clarity at each step of the process.