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Laser hair regrowth therapy

With the latest non-surgical method of laser hair therapy, revitalizing the lost shine and quality is no longer an impossibility. The modern scientific approach of treating hair with lasers has been perfected over the years and we have implanted them at our hair restoration facility also.

What do we offer?
Here at Millennium Hair Restoration Clinic, we provide a thorough consultation and comprehensive solutions for your hair growth problems. Low-level light laser therapy is perfect for everyone in the initial stage of hair thinning. In the early stages of consultation, our experts put in every effort to understand your expectations and requirements before suggesting you any therapy or solution.

Although low-level light laser is quite effective in hair regeneration, we combine this process with few high-quality and effective products to ensure you with lasting impacts of our hair loss treatment program.

Some of the benefits of laser hair regrowth therapy:
● Painless process.
● Scar-free restoration.
● Gradual and promising outcomes.
● No side effects.

How do we do it?
While performing the laser treatment, the therapy machine sits right above the head. The laser head consists of numerous diodes, and they emit a laser light specific wavelength and frequency, delivering low-level laser light to make the treatment successful.
The low-level laser light improves hair growth and hair strength. The primary reason behind it is the increased microcirculation which improves the ability of follicles to produce thicker hair.