Leverage modern technology to help with your hair loss concerns

Thinning hair, baldness and excessive hair loss are some of the significant concerns of the majority of the population. The reasons could vary from genetic inheritance to external factors damaging the hair follicles. The follicles cease to produce hair which eventually result in increased hair loss and excessive shedding. Losing hair or seeing your hair lose the shine and volume makes you lose confidence as well.

At millennium hair restoration we strive to ensure our clients have access to all the newest procedures and treatments available for hair restoration and hair care. Our dedicated team are consistently training and upgrading their knowledge and skills to give you the best hair loss treatment possible.

Our hair restoration services include surgical hair transplants, non-surgical low level laser light therapies and hair integration procedures.

We also provide specialised scalp treatments to help alleviate the lasting effects caused by bleaching and colouring hair, along with other scalp and hair conditions.

All of our Trichologists are at the forefront of all new and available technologies, ensuring our clients feel at ease knowing they are receiving the newest and most innovative treatments.